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Our Initiatives -

Local Pain Educator and
Collectives Program

The Local Pain Educator (LPE) program is a long-term capacity building program that provides health professionals with advanced understanding and skills in pain science, education and care and then supports them to establish a local health professional network - a ‘Local Pain Collective’ - by which they drive connection and advanced knowledge and skills within their local professional network.

Expression's of interest now open for 2024

Health professionals in rural and regional areas - put your hands up! It’s time to unlock your potential and become a Local Pain Educator in your local community with Pain Revolution.  

Applications close on 17/03/2024 

For any additional information, contact Tanushka Alva, LPE Program Manager on:

About the LPE Program

What is a Local Pain Educator?

A Local Pain Educator (LPE) is a health professional with a special interest in persistent pain who has undertaken a 2-year training with Pain Revolution. During the training program, they will complete UniSA’s Professional Certificate in Pain Science & Education as well as training specifically targeting the knowledge and competencies to be an LPE.  The LPE program is designed to build capacity in rural communities, embedding knowledge and skills around best practice pain care.

What do LPE's do?

As part of the return of service agreement, LPEs will establish Local Pain Collectives in their communities. These collectives encourage discussions around our understanding of pain and what to do about it. 

Why Become an LPE?

  • Research clearly shows that a better understanding of pain and what to do about it, is both critical and seldom delivered.

  • Worldwide, it is recognized that we desperately need education on pain for the whole community.

  • LPEs are filling this substantial gap and driving change, supported by an interdisciplinary collaboration of committed experts.

Who are we looking for?

If you're a GP, pharmacist, nurse, or allied health professional working in rural or regional Australia and are passionate about bringing modern knowledge and skills in pain management to your community, we invite you to join Pain Revolution. By becoming part of our national network, you'll be joining a group of like-minded individuals striving to change the way we care for those living with persistent pain.

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