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Rural Outreach Tour


Join the Pain Revolution Polkadot Peleton 2024

  • When: Friday 13th September (Mt Gambier) to Saturday 21st September (Horsham)

  • Cost: Participation fee is yet to be finalised but will come in under last year’s fee!

    • Getting to Mt Gambier and home from Horsham will be up to you!

  • Fundraising obligation: $3000

The Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is not just a ride. It is a genuine community service; an awareness-raising; fund-raising and community outreach event like nothing else you will ever do. The cycling component of the Tour is critical for attracting attention, building camaraderie, raising critical funds to support Pain Revolution's innovative and high-impact programs, providing all cyclists with a proper physical challenge and an outrageously awesome cycling and educational experience.

This is no normal 'charity ride'. We ride because we all have skin in the game. We all give a damn about improving chronic pain prevention and recovery in rural Australia. I guess, we actually do ride for a reason. Pain Rev charge all cyclists the full costs of participation and we ask you to raise some extra money over and above that. All you raise goes to supporting Pain Revolution’s world-leading programs. Most ‘charity rides' charge much less to ride but require a much bigger fundraising target. That way you can pay a chunk of your own costs from using the money your friends and family donated for the cause. We reckon that asking your networks to subsidise your amazing week long experience and rather fashionable cycling kit is a bit rich. 

There won’t be any celebrities riding with us, but we don’t need them because the peloton is always full of heroes. Successful applicants will share our vision that all Australians  have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain; we want riders who resonate with our values - cohesion, respect, integrity & empowerment. 

We think the Pain Revolution Tour is without peer. Feedback from previous participants suggests that for many it is a life-changing experience. You will ride through some of Australia’s most picturesque countryside – through the wine country of the Coonawarra and coastal towns, the great forest and grazing lands of South East SA and Western Vic, Gold Mine country and the spectacular Grampians. You will ride alongside recovered consumers, scientists, health professionals, carers and advocates; you will get to own your very own prized Pain Revolution Kit! You can come to any of the outreach events and get involved if you want.

  • Day 0 – Friday 13th September: Arrive at Mount Gambier for a comfy bed.

  • Day 1 – Saturday 14th September: High noon sharp: A RIDE AROUND MOUNT GAMBIER and a welcome dinner

    • 30-60km & 350vm (via Portland)

  • Day 2 – Sunday 15th September: MOUNT GAMBIER to BEACHPORT (via Millicent)

    • 95km & 320 vm

  • Day 3 – Monday 16th September: BEACHPORT to PENOLA

    • 105km & 470vm

  • Day 4 – Tuesday 17th September: PENOLA to HAMILTON (via Casterton)

  • 132km & 1000vm

  • Day 5 – Wednesday 18th September: HAMILTON to ARARAT (via Dunkeld)

    • 115km & 814vm

  • Day 6 – Thursday 19th September: ARARAT  to HALLS GAP

    • 67km & 805vm

  • Day 7 – Friday  20th September: HALLS GAP to HALLS GAP (via Mt William)

    • 54km & 1300vm

  • Day 8 – Saturday 21st September: HALLS GAP to HORSHAM and a farewell dinner

    • 102km & 825vm

To apply for the 2024 Tour, quickly complete this application form and send it back to us. There are a few considerations when selecting participants to ensure good representation and safe and successful riding groups, but the sooner your application is in, the better. If selected, we will help you organise a fundraising page and give you a few tips on how to do it. Our Ride Captain, ex-pro and cycling coach extraordinaire Steve Cunningham, will keep you honest in training up to the event.

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