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Our Initiatives -

Rural Outreach Tour

The Rural Outreach Tour is a high-profile pain specific health promotion initiative. The weeklong event brings pedal-powered passionate pain researchers, clinicians, carers, and recovered consumers, into regional communities to share the latest in pain science, pain education and best practice care for people in pain.


About the tour

The Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is not just a ride. It is a genuine community service; an awareness-raising; fund-raising and community outreach event like nothing else you will ever do. The cycling component of the Tour is critical for attracting attention, building camaraderie, raising critical funds to support Pain Revolution's innovative and high-impact programs, providing all cyclists with a proper physical challenge and an outrageously awesome cycling and educational experience. The educational component of the tour is our direct to public offering to bring the whole of community together to learn about pain and its treatment.

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Save the date!

Are you a Queenslander living with persistent pain or supporting someone who is? Or perhaps a clinician seeking to learn more about pain management?  Look no further than Pain Revolution, which is set to visit your town this September with the latest information and resources on pain and its treatment. 

Proposed Schedule:

  • Townsville – 2nd September

  • Ingham – 3rd September

  • Mission Beach – 4th September

  • Innisfail – 5th September

  • Atherton – 6th September

  • Cairns – 7th September


Our dedicated team of cyclists  will be cycling through the above regional towns, offering talks, events, and education about pain management. If you'd like to join us and learn more, simply fill out the form below and we'll provide you with all the details once we finalize the venue and time. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to join us!

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