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What we do

Our initiatives are centered around starting the conversation about pain and what to do about it, in rural and regional communities. 


Local Pain Educator Program


A long-term capacity building program that provides health professionals with advanced understanding and skills in pain science, education and care.


Rural Outreach


 A pedal-powered movement of passionate people riding across the countryside,  sharing the latest pain science information in rural and regional communities. 

Get the conversation started with our Essential Pain Facts

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Learning about pain is not easy, but it can be fun. It is usually surprising. There is much to learn, but the most important ideas are covered here. These ideas are not the be all and end all of pain care. They simply open a door and help you take the first step.


Our Mission

Our mission is to train and support 1000 healthcare professionals to become Local Pain Educators, bringing their advanced knowledge and skills in pain education and care to their colleagues and communities so that every Australian has access to the skills, knowledge and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain.

We aim to inspire and enable each other and communities to make sustainable, positive change. As a collective, we strive for excellence and promote transparency, honesty and accountability in everything we do. Pain Revolution respects diversity of stories and all the parties who comprise the pain care system.


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