Revolutionising pain care and education through understanding, empowerment and long-term capacity building.

What we are

Our initiatives

Pain Revolution is a grassroots movement charged with changing how people understand pain. Our initiatives are centred around providing the latest information in pain science and care, so people can make better informed decisions.

- Our vision

All Australians have the knowledge, skills and support to prevent and overcome persistent pain

Pain Revolution is a people powered movement, striving to change how we care for people in pain.

We believe that this will be most successful if we do it together! Pain Revolution is a vision driven collaboration of researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience and peak bodies.

We aim to inspire and enable each other and communities to make sustainable, positive change. As a collective, we strive for excellence and promote transparency, honesty and accountability in everything we do.

Pain Revolution respects diversity of stories and all the parties who comprise the pain care system.

- Our Target Concepts

The key to understanding pain

Give someone a fish and they will eat well tonight. Teach them to fish and they will eat well forever. Let’s empower people with knowledge that can transform their pain care journey.

Learning about pain is not easy, but it can be fun. It is usually surprising. There is much to learn, but the most important concepts are covered here.

Warning: You will need some curiosity and an open mind, courage, patience and persistence. A good coach can also be precious. Be hopeful because we can ALL learn something new about pain.

Health care guidelines all around the world agree that good pain education is key. Pain Revolution recognises this fact and puts modern education strategies at the heart of all we do. These Target Concepts are ‘a work in progress’, which means that scientists are busy working together with education experts, pain experts, and people with lived experience to communicate this important information in the most useful way.


Pain is always real

Pain can be complicated.


Learn more about your pain

If your situation is making you feel helpless or hopeless, it might be time to take a new approach to overcoming your pain.


Pain doesn’t equal tissue damage

All pain is real, no matter what’s causing it. What surprises most people is that you can have pain when there is no tissue damage. That is, when there’s no damage to muscles, tendons, nerves or any of the linings within the body.


Pain equals protection

The relationship between pain and tissue damage can be very surprising. This is because pain isn’t there to give you a running commentary on the state of your body tissues. It’s there to protect them from anything dangerous. Pain gets your attention and urges you to act to avoid that danger.


Pain depends on context

Pain is influenced by biological, social and psychological factors.


Pain and your Protectometer

Our brains have survival as their number one priority. We are evolutionarily ‘primed’ to be aware of danger and pain is one response to protect us from it.


Your overprotective pain system

The purpose of pain is protection. However, sometimes it becomes over-zealous. This is because – like all biological systems in the body – the pain system learns. So when you’ve lived with pain for a long time, your system will have become more effective and more protective of that body area.


Retrain your pain system

Just as the pain system learned to be overprotective, it can be retrained to work normally thanks to bioplasticity.


Being proactive about your pain

There’s overwhelming evidence that the best treatments to prevent and overcome persistent pain involve planning ahead, taking control and having a long-term approach.

Our impact

Reaching communities and building capacity in Rural and Regional Australia

Our comrades are working hard to meet our vision and a lot has happened since the revolution began in 2017. Here is a little tally from our activities:



Rural/regional clinicians trained, mentored and supported by Pain Revolution.



Of Australian countryside crossed in all our four annual Rural Outreach Tours



People who have attended one or more of our free pain education outreach sessions across the country.



Has been raised this year to provide free pain education in rural/regional communities

- Latest news

Stay in touch with the revolution

We want to share what is happening in our space, what our amazing comrades are up to and the latest information in pain education and care.

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Jun 2nd 2020COVID-19 and our community

COVID-19 is having an enormous impact on us all. The silver lining is it creates a chance for everyone to better understand the lived experience of persistent pain.

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Apr 1st 2020Local Pain Educators On Tour

Dr Jennifer Smith, 2018 Local Pain Educator from Temora, NSW, shares her reflections on joining the education team during the 2019 Rural Outreach Tour in Tasmania.

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Feb 5th 2020From Bushfire Disasters to Persistent Pain, Resilience and its role in recovery

It seems almost inevitable that the recent bushfire crisis in Australia will change not only the landscape, but also us, as both a society and as individuals, forever.

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Dec 1st 2019How big is your protective buffer?

Pain doesn't just happen after you're hurt,it's also there to stop you hurting yourself!

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Aug 24th 2019The Story of ‘We've Got Your Back’

As a previously very active 19-year-old forced to pull out of all forms of sport, and physical activity as a way to fix my back pain, I felt like I was the only one...

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Jul 17th 2019Gaining a shared understanding to create change

Reflections on a pain care workshop in Hobart

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Apr 9th 2019Post-Tour Possibilities

The Tour Ends, but the Revolution Rolls On...

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Mar 27th 2019Trevor's Tour Stories

Pain Revolution's Community Engagement Officer Trevor Barker offers his reflections on community action and bringing a consumer voice to the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour.


The more you learn about pain the better

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