• Pain Revolution is Touring Tasmania March 16-23

    19 Educational Events in 10 Locations in Tasmania.

    It's time for a Revolution in the way we talk about, and treat, persisting pain.

  • The View from the Road 2018

    10 outreach events. 1000+ participants. 250 engaged users of the Brain Bus. 35 media interviews. 677 individual donors. $77,498 and counting raised!

    Thanks to FXNL Media who joined us on the road, and created this video showcasing the second year of our outreach tour.

  • The Brain Bus

    Bringing the science behind the stories to your town

    The Brain Bus is an opportunity for people to learn about pain, and the science behind it, in community locations along the Pain Revolution ride route.


    In 2018, Dr Tasha Stanton and Dr Dan Harvie brought the Brain Bus to Wollongong, Nowra, Canberra, Cooma and Albury-Wodonga.


    The Brain Bus gives people the opportunity to understand pain by experiencing some of the cool science that explains how and why we hurt, and some new ways we can think about the path to recovery.

  • The View from the Road 2017

    Our first outreach ride, and the team of trailblazers that led the way.

    A rider's eye view of the 2017 Pain Revolution Ride

  • Sponsors

    The Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour and the Local Pain Educator Program would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors who share Pain Revolution's vision for the potential impact of community pain education.

    Pain Revolution Sponsors
    Pain Revolution Sponsors
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