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Pain, Your Brain and the Amazing Protectormeter

This is the full video of a guest lecture that Lorimer delivered for Musculoskeletal Australia in November 2018. You'll hear a bunch of funny stories about pain, why it persists and what you can do about it - backed by 30 years of research! It's a long video so you might watch it in parts or see the smaller chunks that we have also listed below to get a taste of the science and stories.

Why things Hurt?

An easy to understand (and funny!) video that explanations why we hurt, and the helpful ways that our brain is telling us about danger when we feel pain.

Brainman Videos

Brainman is a series of short cartoons that presents some of the common problems with persisting pain in an easy to understand format. Click the link below to see the full series.

A new way to think about pain

Curious about chronic pain? Lauren Cannell, a Tasmanian Police Officer, speaks about taking control of chronic pain and getting your life back after traumatic events.

Tame the Beast

A short animation, narrated by Professor Lorimer Moseley, that talks to you about pain, and how we can tame that beast.

Opioids Information Video

This animated video from NPS MedicineWise and the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) provides information to people who may be considering taking opioids for chronic (ongoing) non-cancer pain.

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