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Pain Management Network

This site contains valuable information to enable people to develop skills and knowledge in self-management of pain, in partnership with their healthcare providers. It has many resources to help develop skills and pain care strategies, plus stories from other people living well with chronic pain.

Young PainHealth

Practical management tips, tools and resources to help young people, and those supporting them, with quality pain care.

The Pain Toolkit

The Pain Toolkit, helping people all over the world self manage and cope with persistent pain. Explore what self-management is and how to integrate into your life.

PainChats Website

PainChats helps you find answers to common questions about pain and get useful advice about what to do to help you understand and self-manage pain that persists. Get helpful and accurate information from industry-leading health professionals, written in easy to understand language.


Clinically supported information, tips, support and personal stories to help manage musculoskeletal pain. Many useful videos from a wide range of clinical experts.

The Pelvic Pain Foundation

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation formed to build a healthier and more productive community by improving the quality of life of people with pelvic pain.


Explain Pain: Protectometer

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is a key element in the Explain Pain toolkit. An easily accessible book for people experiencing pain, it introduces the ‘Protectometer’ – a ground breaking pain treatment tool. This handbook – your personal workbook – helps you understand your personal pain formula, identify your DIMs (Danger in Me) and SIMs (Safety in Me) and provides six clear strategies for recovery from pain. Discover more about DIMs and SIMs and the Protectometer on the noijam blog.

Explain Pain Supercharged

This book is jam-packed with everything you need to provide effective, memorable, evidence-based, individualised pain education and treatment.

Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt

This book is not just for understanding pain and perception. It facilitates a greater sense of empathy for those who experience pain or anyone who just cannot see/experience the world the way you do. This is a book for absolutely anyone and everyone.

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