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Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast

The Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast, proudly brought to you by Body Logic Physiotherapy making sense of pain science and bring evidence to your eardrums, to empower you to better health, and empower clinicians to provide the best care for people in pain.

Helen Boyd - Pain Sucks

Listen to Sydney based artist talk about her lived experience of chronic back pain

Keith Meldrum – Centring the Lived Experience

De-centring ourselves to centre the lived experience of the person

Sara Lindberg - Back Pain "Fixed"

Sara reflects on her 10+ year journey with back pain, and what helped her recover and self-manage


The Brain's Role in Pain

Listen in to Dr Tasha Stanton talk to ABC's Dr Norman Swan about the brain and pain, based on her research on pain. Dr Tasha studies the brain, and it's role in pain, and she's very careful about telling people that ALL pain is real and not imagined, even if it's produced by your brain.

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