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We're sharing the story of the Pain Revolution ride; the people we meet and places that we go. These are the stories of our mission to change how we talk about, and make sense of persisting pain to live well again.

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Jun 2nd 2020COVID-19 and our community

COVID-19 is having an enormous impact on us all. The silver lining is it creates a chance for everyone to better understand the lived experience of persistent pain.

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Apr 1st 2020Local Pain Educators On Tour

Dr Jennifer Smith, 2018 Local Pain Educator from Temora, NSW, shares her reflections on joining the education team during the 2019 Rural Outreach Tour in Tasmania.

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Feb 5th 2020From Bushfire Disasters to Persistent Pain, Resilience and its role in recovery

It seems almost inevitable that the recent bushfire crisis in Australia will change not only the landscape, but also us, as both a society and as individuals, forever.

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Dec 1st 2019How big is your protective buffer?

Pain doesn't just happen after you're hurt,it's also there to stop you hurting yourself!

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Aug 24th 2019The Story of ‘We've Got Your Back’

As a previously very active 19-year-old forced to pull out of all forms of sport, and physical activity as a way to fix my back pain, I felt like I was the only one...

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Jul 17th 2019Gaining a shared understanding to create change

Reflections on a pain care workshop in Hobart

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Apr 9th 2019Post-Tour Possibilities

The Tour Ends, but the Revolution Rolls On...

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Mar 27th 2019Trevor's Tour Stories

Pain Revolution's Community Engagement Officer Trevor Barker offers his reflections on community action and bringing a consumer voice to the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour.

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