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2 to​ 9 April 2017

we have a really big problem​​ with persistent pain

  • It is Australia’s most costly health problem
  • It is the most common reason for early retirement
  • It is most common in the bush
  • 1 in 5 Aussies are suffering right now
  • Research & resources are desperately needed
We need to completely rethink persistent pain. We need to re-engage with this massive problem and the best methods to prevent persistent pain and give people the resources to recover.

we need a revolution

The Pain Revolution is being led by some of Australia's leading pain scientists and clinicians. They are taking on their own physical challenge, riding their bikes from Melbourne to Adelaide - 870km in seven days in the saddle. They are stopping at rural centres en route to discuss the latest discoveries and learn from clinicians and communities who are facing this massive health problem everyday.​

How can you join the Revolution? It is a chance to help raise desperately needed funds to support research into one of the planet's most burdensome health problems. click on the button below to throw your support toward the Pain Revolution. All donations are tax deductable. 


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