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    This Revolution doesn't run itself!



    Chief Executive Officer

    Lorimer is a pain scientist, clinician & educator. He has written 350 scientific articles and five books. He has received numerous international prizes for his contributions to pain science, management and education. He lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia.



    General Manager

    Angie comes from a business background, trained in marketing and has managed several projects within the corporate sector. She draws on both her personal experience with/and recovery from persistent pain and advanced training in medical sciences, including the neuroscience of pain.



    Tour Logistics Manager

    Tracy comes from a strong business administration and logistics background. When she is not coordinating the many moving parts of the Rural Outreach Tour, she looks after the needs of a growing team of pain researchers at University of South Australia.



    LPE Network Manager

    Amanda is a highly experienced physiotherapist working within a public pain service in her regional community. She is one of the inaugural Local Pain Educators, who is applying her experience going through the program to guide future cohorts.



    Evaluation Committee Chair

    Steve Kamper is a research fellow at the University of Sydney with a professional background in physiotherapy. Steve's interests include the epidemiology and consequences of pain, patient expectations, and teaching people to become more informed users of scientific research.



    Education Committee Chair

    Carolyn is an experienced physiotherapist who is currently investigating the contribution of brain plasticity to persistent pain. Enthusiastic to facilitate learning about pain sciences, Carolyn has taught clinically and in classrooms at the University of South Australia for three decades.



    Communications Committee Chair

    Mary is a pain scientist; whose current work focuses on the role of media in and influence on healthcare. She is passionate about public engagement and communicating evidence-based information about pain through conventional and social media.

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