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Here are some useful resources. Please remember that these resources are external to our website and their content and quality.

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Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast

The Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast, proudly brought to you by Body Logic Physiotherapy. Each fortnight (during an active season) we aim to make sense of pain science and bring evidence to your eardrums, to empower you to better health, and empower clinicians to provide the best care for people in pain.

Tame the Beast

A short animation, narrated by Professor Lorimer Moseley, that talks to you about pain, and how we can tame that beast.

The Brain's Role in Pain

Listen in to Dr Tasha Stanton talk to ABC's Dr Norman Swan about the brain and pain, based on her research on pain. Dr Tasha studies the brain, and it's role in pain, and she's very careful about telling people that ALL pain is real and not imagined, even if it's produced by your brain.

The Pain Toolkit

The Pain Toolkit, helping people all over the world self manage and cope with persistent pain. Explore what self-management is and how to integrate into your life.

The Knowledge Exchange

Courses that create confident evidence based practitioners that love their jobs. Education, research & discussion regarding exercise, rehabilitation and health.

Pain, Your Brain and the Amazing Protectormeter

This is the full video of a guest lecture that Lorimer delivered for Musculoskeletal Australia in November 2018. You'll hear a bunch of funny stories about pain, why it persists and what you can do about it - backed by 30 years of research! It's a long video so you might watch it in parts or see the smaller chunks that we have also listed below to get a taste of the science and stories.

How to Start Exercising

Movement is an important way to retrain pain, and help your nervous system become less sensitive over time. Here's a great resource to help you start moving, and stick with it over time.

Pain Management Network

This site contains valuable information to enable people to develop skills and knowledge in self-management of pain, in partnership with their healthcare providers. It has many resources to help develop skills and pain care strategies, plus stories from other people living well with chronic pain.

Tackling chronic pain, with Prof Steve Kamper

Are you delivering musculoskeletal care based on the most up-to-date model of chronic pain? Professor Steve Kamper explains why he’s riding his bicycle around Australia on the Pain Revolution Tour, shares his tips for framing a conversation with a person experiencing chronic pain, and encourages clinicians to move from treating a body part to treating a person.

Why Do We Hurt?

An easy to understand (and funny!) video that explanations why we hurt, and the helpful ways that our brain is telling us about danger when we feel pain.

PainHealth Website

Clinically supported information, tips, support and personal stories to help manage musculoskeletal pain. Many useful videos from a wide range of clinical experts.

Explain Pain: Protectometer

Learn about Danger and Safety, and how it affects your nervous system to turn up its protection of you. Work through the process of finding the things that you can change in your life, that affect your pain.

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