• Lived Experience Community of Practice

    Pain Revolution facilitates a monthly virtual Community of Practice, bringing together people with a persistent pain lived experience. Each month the group meets via video conference and explores different pain education concepts together. Community members have a space where they can share their journey to recovery and support each other in applying the information to make a positive change in their pain care journey. Each meeting includes an exploration of information and peer exchange focused around a practical application.

    These meetings allow a safe and accessible way for geographically isolated people to come together in a community. These groups have a focus on application of best practice strategies to the journey toward recovery. They utilise the collective wisdom of people engaged with that journey to help others at earlier stages, and to support and inspire each other to persevere, use helpful strategies and inform the wider research and clinical community about their extensive learnings.

    The group meet the last Thursday of every month at 6pm (AEDT). FREE

    To find out more or register your interest email: seanna@painrevolution.org

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