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Local Pain Educator Program

Our Local Pain Educator (LPE) Program is a long-term strategy to build capacity in rural/regional communities, by embedding knowledge and skills around best practice pain care. Pain Revolution trains and supports LPEs. They in turn serve their community, providing public outreach and training, all with a focus on evidence-based active, psychological and self-management strategies.

About the LPE Program:

This multi-faceted program takes a whole-of community approach to sustained capacity building, by providing the knowledge, support and resources to both health professional and general public within the community.
The 2-year program and ongoing support and resource provision, is a sustainable and scalable strategy to deliver pain education and training within their local communities.

Embedded content:

Training and support includes:

  • A Professional Certificate in Pain Science and Education, delivered flexible online by the University of South Australia
  • One-on-one mentoring with an experienced pain clinician and educator, to assist with knowledge consolidation and translation and community specific adaptation
  • Network activities including expert speaker webinars, peer-to-peer exchange teleconferences, face-to-face workshops, and online discussion forum for idea and resource exchange
  • LPEs are provided with an education toolkit for delivering education sessions

The LPE program is building towards a national network of skilled clinicians. Year 1 focuses on training and mentoring LPEs in pain science and education. Year 2 is centred around community engagement and supported pain education delivery.

Why LPEs?

Research clearly shows that a better understanding of pain and what to do about it is both critical and seldom delivered. LPEs are experts in both, with high level training in how to teach others – both the general community and their health professional colleagues – about contemporary knowledge and practice. Universally and worldwide, it is recognised that we desperately need education on pain for the whole of community. LPEs are filling this substantial gap and driving change, supported in an immediate and ongoing way by an interdisciplinary collaboration of committed experts and consumer advisers.

Program Manager

Tanushka Alva -

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Tanushka Alva

LPE Regional Project Officer

Tanushka is a physiotherapist working in Launceston, Tasmania. Tanushka joined Pain Revolution in 2019 as a Local Pain Educator. She is passionate about helping people understand more about why they hurt and working with them to get back activities that are meaningful to them.

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