• The Brain Bus

    Rural Outreach Tour Tasmania Victoria 7-14 2020

    Meet Dr Dan Harvie and his team of researchers at the Brain Bus in Tasmania.


    The Brain Bus is a mobile illusion van, that aims to fascinate and inspire people to learn more about the amazing science of pain.


    At the Brain Bus, you'll learn about your brain and experience some of the experiments that help researchers understand pain.


    The experiments don't hurt, but they might surprise you!


    You will experience a range of mind-bending illusions that have been used by researchers to understand sensory perception and how our senses work to protect us, and pain is a very important protector.

    Understanding pain is an important first step to changing pain, even if you've had it for a long time.


    Watch the video below and see you in your town!


    You can also register for our educational events in your town - see the Events Page for more info.

    Where To Visit the Brain Bus

    Devonport Saturday 16th March

    Visit the Brain Bus at the north end of Rooke St Mall from 12-2pm

    Burnie Sunday 17th March

    Visit the Brain Bus on the Burnie Foreshore 11-1pm

    Smithton Monday 18th March

    Visit the Brain Bus at the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre 9.30 -11.30am

    Launceston Tuesday 19th March

    Visit the Brain Bus in Civic Square 12-2.00pm

    St Helens Wednesday 20th March

    Visit the Brain Bus in the IGA Carpark, next to Portland Hall, 12-2pm

    Swansea Thursday 21st March

    Visit the Brain Bus on Franklin St, 12-2pm

    Hobart Friday 22nd March

    Visit the Brain Bus in Parliament Garden 12-2pm

    Huonville Saturday 23rd March

    Visit the Brain Bus in the Huonville Town Hall Rear Carpark, 11.30-2.30pm

    Thanks to our 2019 Tour Sponsors:

  • Perceptual Science

    Understanding your senses helps you understand more about how pain is protecting you from harm.

    Meet Dr Tasha Stanton

    Pain Researcher and Brain Bus Founder

    Dr Tasha Stanton, Senior Research Fellow at University of South Australia, got the Brain Bus out on the road for the first time in 2016, and again in 2017.


    Tasha has won international awards for her research that uses illusions to help us understand the brain and pain.


    Establishing the Brain Bus enabled Tasha to meet hundreds of Australians during the Rural Outreach Tour, and show them how her groundbreaking research is helping more people to understand pain and recover from this condition.

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