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Wollongong, we're on our Way

First stop on the Pain Revolution ride...

The months of work, the hours of training, the endless phone calls and emails are finally coming to their peak. In just one week, we'll be on the road, first stop Wollongong.

We want to see as many people as we can along the road, so here's what's happening for us next week, Wednesday 11th April.


We'll be taking a quick bus ride in to the CBD for our official send off at the Australian Pain Society's Annual Scientific Meeting at Darling Harbour. This is off the bike, but we're looking forward to strutting our new flashy cycling kits around (before they get progressively stinkier during the week, despite the daily washing!)


The APS have supported us again this year, they were brave enough to jump on board for our first ride last year too, where we finished our ride at the conference in Adelaide. Huge thanks to them for helping get these important messages about pain out to rural Australia.

On Your Bike!

Finally, we'll be on the way, heading out of Cronulla (via a team photo on the beach) and making our way down the coast, to Wollongong. A nice ride (on fresh, well-rested legs) through the Royal National Park, and a scenic coastal tour, finishing on the beachside bike paths, arriving at the lighthouse at 5pm.

Brain Bus

First stop for our experience lab on wheels will be at the North Wollongong Surf Club (in the car park opposite), with Dr Tasha Stanton and her crew ready and waiting to talk to people about pain and the brain, and what we learn about it in the research lab, from 12.30-3.30pm. Come and have a chat and test your perception! More info HERE.

Public Talk

We'd love to see people from the Illawarra that live with pain, their loved ones and people from the community around them, come along to our talk. Last year, we did our first talk to a packed community centre in Ballarat, this year we're heading to the North Wollongong Surf Club, for the talk to start at 5pm. Listen to Dr Lorimer Moseley explain the science behind pain, and Dr David Butler walk you through the ways to apply this science in your life. Book your ticket HERE and all the info is on the flyer below.

BONUS: If you'd like to come along from 4pm, we'll open the doors early for the Help Desk. We have a team of pain experts from all kinds of health professions ready and waiting to answer your questions about your pain. Come and get the answers you need to the tricky pain problems that affect your everyday life.

Professional Talk

We're looking forward to seeing all the health professionals and community health workers from the Illawarra and surrounds come along and learn about the best evidence for treating pain, and how to apply it. Book your ticket HERE, and share the link with colleagues and associates (even if you don't work directly in "pain management", being literate in what pain is, and how it persists, is important!)

Local Hero and Sponsors

Events like this can't happen without community support, and we've had a lot of it. A massive thanks to Dr John Booth, our local champion who did the hard work getting the word out in the Illawarra. John is also joining us as a rider on the tour, and has done a tonne of work fundraising for the Local Pain Educator program.

In addition to our 2018 Pain Revolution sponsors, we're supported in this event by Life Connexions and IOH. Their sponsorship of this event is another way that these two Illawarra organizations support people in pain in their local community, and a huge revolutionary thanks from all the team. 

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