Issue 3: Understanding Our Impact

Local Pain Educator Feedback

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Sue Caldicott - General ManagerPublished on 16 November 2021

After being delayed by Covid, the 2019 cohort of Local Pain Educators finished their program in the middle of this year.

We recently asked them for some feedback about their experience. 100% of participants responded.

Our feedback questions were grouped into overarching Impact Themes. The themes articulate where we are aiming to have the greatest positive impact.

A number of key outcome indicators were identified within each theme. The indicators are used to show if there has been any change as a result of our interventions. Responses were then aggregated, providing an overall response rate.


It is extremely encouraging to see such positive feedback about the benefits of the program to participants and the perceived benefits in their communities:

  • 100% of participants agreed that their confidence in using the biopsychosocial model of pain care and treatment has improved
  • 100% of participants have improved their ability to educate people in persistent pain about their pain
  • 93.75% of participants feel better equipped to treat people with persistent pain
  • 93.75% of participants value being part of a network that enables knowledge sharing and collaboration around best practice pain care
  • 93.75% of participants think the program will improve consistent messaging around pain care in my community
  • 87.5% of participants think the program will improve access to quality pain care in my community

A selection of the comments received:

My knowledge and confidence in this area has increased, I have gained a network of like-minded people and feel more inspired and supported to keep working in this field and attempting to support and encourage changes and new developments.

I am more aware of pain and how it affects people in their every day life. I have skills to help people learn the basics about why they may experience pain, and can integrate strategies for pain management into people's care planning with them every day.

The availability of pain informed clinicians has increased. Like minded health professionals are collaborating and speaking the same language. Access to contemporary pain care is improving.

A full report of the feedback results will be collated and available in due course.

Sue Caldicott, GM, Pain Revolution

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Sue CaldicottNovember 16 2021

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