Issue 3: The Power of Lived Experience

Teano and Jade Change Pain in WA

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Maddy Thorpe - Education and Communications CoordinatorPublished on 11 November 2021

For this issue of Rev’d Up, I spoke with Local Pain Educators in training Teano Nguyen-Verdenet and Jade Eva Lee.

These partners in crime are a power couple that are taking the pain education scene in Western Australia by storm.

Teano is an Osteopath, and Jade, a Social Worker. They are empowered with the skills they have gained in their degrees. Thier knowledge about pain has been refined through the University of South Australia and Pain Revolution’s Local Pain Educator Program. They continue to actively seek out mentoring and guidance and have found this to be a useful source of growth both personally and professionally.

You can have all the qualifications in the world, but nothing gets a message across like a good story. An aspect that has supercharged this couple’s clinical practice is their lived experience. Both Jade and Teano have lived with chronic pain and know exactly what the implications of that are.

Teano had chronic lower back pain that he struggled with for years as well as persistent leg pain after a surgery. I asked him how this has impacted his clinical practice.

Having been through this I feel like I experience a stronger connection and empathy with my patients when communicating. It enables me to say; “I know pain is difficult, it is not easy, we don't have the same journey, however I can imagine how hard it can be. ~Teano

Teano Exercise

Jade has lived with endometriosis and chronic headaches for years. Feeling lost, dismissed by the healthcare system, and learning how to cope with pain has been an ongoing challenge.

On top of this, as a Social Worker currently working as a mental health clinician, she sees how pain is a physical issue accompanied by social and mental health elements that need to be addressed.

It can be hard when we separate the mind, the body and pain into compartments. But when we look holistically, we can see how everything is connected and begin to find authentic solutions to people’s pain experiences. ~Jade


Teano and Jade are growing a practice called Mana Health Clinic in Busselton, Western Australia. They created their clinic with the aim to change the way people experience healthcare for the better.

Jade and Teano hope that their pain certificate and work with Pain Revolution will help show the world that practitioners who utilise a more modern and scientific approach are prevalent in this new era of healthcare.

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Maddy ThorpeNovember 11 2021

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