The 2019 Rural Outreach Tour Team

Meet the team headed to Tasmania in March, 2019

Guest Author - Pain RevolutionPublished on 22 November 2018

When we put the call out for riders for our 2019 Rural Outreach Tour, we didn’t expect to get double the numbers we could take on the road. We read every application closely, discussed it as a team and agreed every person that applied would have been a good fit. There’s a limit to those we could take, for safety and logistics reasons, and we had the terrible task of saying “no” to some brilliant people.

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen!

In 2019, our team has an even gender split between men and women. There’s “Lucky 13” women and men on tour, giving us a total of 26 riders. With our ride guides, there’ll be close to 30 riders on the road in Tasmania in March.


The Tour Experience

We will do everything we can to make it an outstanding and memorable experience (and not only memorable for the lactic acid and the hill climbs!). However, this is not an extravagant cycling holiday; we will not ‘live posh’ for a week. As a team, we will live well, riding some of Australia’s best roads, pushing ourselves physically and psychologically, supporting each other on the bike and off. We will eat well and sleep well, with weary bodies and engaged hearts and minds! We will ride not just as a peloton, but as a cohesive team of cyclists and non-cyclists, committed to our vision of access to quality care for pain for all Australians.

So, where are you from?

We’ve got 8 local riders joining us from Tasmania, which is fittingly the most represented state. Victoria and Queensland are represented by 5 riders each, and South Australia with 4 riders. We have a lone ACT rider, and one overseas rider from California. After our 2018 ride in NSW, it seems the New South Welshman are sitting this year out!

What do you do (when you're not cycling)?

We have 12 Physiotherapists (plus one physio student), 4 exercise physiologists and 3 researchers along for the tour. Psychologists and General Practitioners are represented twice, and Teachers, Pharmacists and Anaesthetists once. We have 2 sponsored riders, 1 General Manager and one recovered patient in the peloton. Before you tell us we can’t count, some people fit in to more than one category!

We hope that the tour week will be a transformative experience for our multidisciplinary team, and that the new connections formed will help everyone learn more about pain, persistent pain, community engagement, behavioural and conceptual change, and the Pain Revolution model including the landmark Local Pain Educator Program.


Have you done this kind of thing before?

When we meet in Devonport in March, we will have:

  • 3 riders who will be starting their 3rd tour
  • 5 trailblazers who rode in our first tour in 2017
  • 10 returning riders from either 2017 or 2018, which leave 15 fresh faces in the team!

We will ride in the glow of our Pain Revolution core values – Cohesion, Respect, Integrity and Empowerment. We expect our tour riders, and our core team, to come together for a week in which we learn not only about pain science, but about ourselves too. Like many challenges in life, the physical challenge often reveals the mental fortitude within the kinds of people that sign up for an event like ours.

Raising funds for a big vision

Our 2019 team embodies the rapidly expanding network of clever, kind and community-minded people who are committed to our vision – that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. Their fundraising efforts will finance the 2020 group of Local Pain Educators – those LPEs are the real heroes in striving for the Pain Revolution vision.

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Guest AuthorNovember 22 2018

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