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Rural Outreach Tour 2020

Cyclist expression of interest

  • Join the Pain Revolution Polkadot Peloton in 2020!
  • Saturday March 7th (Geelong) - Sunday March 15th (Wangaratta)
  • Participation fee: $2200 inclusive of GST
  • Fundraising obligation: $3000
  • Expressions of interest close 18 August

The Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour is an awareness-raising, fund-raising and community outreach event like nothing else you will ever do. The cycling component of the Tour is critical for attracting attention, building camaraderie, raising critical funds to support Pain Revolution's wider activities, spreading the influence of Pain Revolution, providing a proper physical challenge and an outrageously awesome cycling and educational experience. However, this is no normal 'charity ride'. We are not just after CEOs with loaded mates. We have no celebrities to ride with, but we will have a peloton full of heroes. We are after people with some sort of skin in the game - a reason for riding in this tour. We want cyclists who share our vision, that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain; we want riders who resonate with our values - cohesion, respect, integrity & empowerment.

We think the Pain Revolution Tour is without peer. Feedback from previous participants suggest that for many it is a life-changing experience. You will ride through some of Australia's most picturesque countryside, from Geelong to the High Country; you will ride alongside scientists, clinicians, recovered patients, carers; you will get to own the prized Pain Revolution Polkadot Kit.

Applicants will be notified a few weeks following closing date for expressions of interest. We will help you organise a fundraising page and give you a few tips. Our Ride Captain, Steve Cunningham will keep you honest in training up to the event. For more information, browse the preliminary ride guide here.

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