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Riding from the Coast to the Capital

Onwards and upwards to Canberra

Getting to Canberra on lucky Friday the 13th is going to be an uphill road. Literally. Geographically, it's a positive gradient almost all the way. We'll stop in at Tianjara Falls on the way up, lunch at Narriga and cover 155kms to finish up in Bungendore. By the time we make it to Bungendore, we'll be done for the day, and we'll get in to vehicles to get to our final Canberra destination.

The riders have been warned, this is a hard day. An early start, a lot of climbing, backing up from 150kms the day before. The riders have prepared for these efforts, but this day will test them. Does the expectation of a hard day help or hinder them? Just like people in pain, athletes also vary in the way they cope with expectations. The way they think about the challenges ahead will have a very big role in how they get through this ride. We know these riders are on a mission to help people living with pain, and that will be in the back of their heads as those long climbs loom ahead!

The reward of making it to Bungendore, and in to Canberra, is that we have a night off from events on the 13th April. Rather than a wild Friday night, we'll be resting up for a huge day of events on Saturday 14th.

There's a few riders that might head out in the morning for a tourist ride around Canberra, while the rest of us will be preparing for a very busy day. Every part of the Pain Revolution will be in action in Canberra; the Brain Bus is setting up in Civic near the merry-go-round, we have a very special panel discussion about the future of treating pain, we're talking to the public about what pain at our public seminar and we're also looking forward to getting many of our Local Pain Educators together to officially welcome them to the Pain Revolution team! We'll be hitting this problem of pain from every direction in our Nation's capital.

Brain Bus

You'll find Dr Tasha and the Brain Bus team setting up in Civic, near the merry-go-round on City Walk. They'll be there on Saturday 14th from 11am to 3pm, with their intriguing and surprising sensory science experiments that teach you about how researchers understand pain. If you're game, put on a VR headset, and Dr Dan Harvie will take you on a journey through his research into using this technology to treat pain. Not so adventurous? Come and have a chat with our pain experts and learn how pain science applies to you. We've got a local guest coming along too, Tina from Brain Changer will be there to show you another educational tool that she's made that helps people understand pain, and live well.

Panel Discussion

Pain is a complex problem for the people that live with it. It would be nice of there was a "pain system" that we could "fix", and pain would go away. It's far more complex, and pain affects almost all our body systems, in different ways for different people, so we need to understand it as a "whole person" experience. Similarly, the problem of pain at the level of social impact and service delivery (and money!) needs to be looked at from clinical, research, advocacy, policy and lived experience perspectives. This is what you'll get at our panel discussion, Saturday 14th April 1-2.30pm at Belconnen Labour Club, book your ticket HERE

The panel will be chaired by author and journalist Cathryn Jakobsen Ramin, author of "Crooked, Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery". Cathryn's book documents her long struggle with back pain, and with the challenge of negotiating the health care system to recover from the condition. Through her six-year investigation of back pain in the US, Cathryn has seen and heard much of the weird and wonderful, expensive and ineffective, and potentially harmful treatments that people in pain pin their hopes for change on. As chair of this panel, she'll guide a stimulating, and perhaps challenging discussion between the panelists, and with the audience. Come along and have your voice heard too.

Joining Cathryn on the panel:

Prof Lorimer Moseley: Pain Scientist, University of South Australia

Dr Paul Dugdale: Acting Executive Director of Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care

Carol Bennett: CEO, Pain Australia

Dianne Wilson: Australian Physiotherapy Association, Chair of Pain Special Interest group

Ellyn Bicknell: Chronic Pain Experiencer

Dr Roopa Gawarikar: Pain Specialist

Public Seminar

Our public seminar has something for everyone to learn about, and understand pain. It's good to know about pain, not just for people living with it, but for their friends and family, and the whole community around them. We'd love to see school teachers, sports coaches, carers and helpers all come along too, so we have lots of people in the community that know pain. We'll have our pain experts presenting on Saturday 14th April from 3-4.30pm at the Belconnen Labour Club, book your ticket HERE

Our huge thanks to the team on the ground in Canberra that made these events possible. Angie Clerc-Hawke wears many important hats in the Pain Revolution team, one of which is Canberra local hero, using her Canberra networks and local knowledge to get our events set up. We roped in Sarah Wallwork to help out too, pulling her away from her post-doc studies to co-ordinate the panel. As always, a huge thanks to our sponsors, we couldn't have made it this far without your support.

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