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Announcing Our Pain Revolutionaries

This is our team of pedal-powered changemakers who are joining us on the road in 2018

We’re excited to finally reveal the group of riders who will be coming together in Sydney in April 2018 for the second Pain Revolution ride. We’re especially excited to welcome Janet Keet from South Africa, who'll be making a long journey to join us. She will be joining our Australian riders from NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, WA and Queensland.

We took a long list of submissions and whittled the list down to these final 21. We were touched by the stories that each person had about both their professional and personal experiences with persisting pain, and their commitment to a revolutionary change.

We're welcoming back a few of our 2017 Revolutionaries. We have Gallagher Basset on board as a silver sponsor again this year, and that means we've also got their SA General Manager Shaun Meehan and his sidekick, Gentle Bear, joining us on the road. We're looking forward to seeing Steve Kamper, and Matt Forster again, and also Mark Collins, who's inspired his wife Emma to come along for the ride in 2018. We have a few riders still to join representing our platinum sponsor AIA.

The riders, in addition to their sign-up fees, have all committed to fundraising for the local pain educator network via our everyday hero site. They're getting their profiles published on the page so you can read their stories, and support their fundraising efforts. There's a few there already, if you'd like to have a look.

You’ll read more from our riders as they share their stories and their professional expertise here on the blog. You’ll be seeing them in the pink and yellow polka dots as they ride their way through rural NSW. You’ll hear their voices as we get them behind the camera and the microphone along the way.

Here’s the 2018 team:

Jack Behne, Victoria, Australia

Emma Collins, South Australia, Australia

Mark Collins, South Australia, Australia

Matt Forster, New South Wales, Australia

Nathan Green, Queensland

Lance House, Tasmania, Australia

Karin Jones, Victoria, Australia

Steve Kamper, NSW, Australia

Janet Keet, South Africa

Glenn King, Queensland, Australia

Karen Lucas, Victoria, Australia

Simon Macklin, South Australia, Australia

Penny Mather, Victoria, Australia

Shaun Meehan, South Australia

Lorimer Moseley, South Australia, Australia

James Olsen, Canberra, Australia

Yasmin Santoso, Victoria, Australia

Bernadette Smith, Tasmania, Australia

Simon Summers, New South Wales, Australia

Anita Ullman, New South Wales, Australia

Christopher Williams, NSW, Australia

Troy Gardiner, WA, Australia

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