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Pain Revolution is fuelled by our mission that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain.

Guest Author - Pain RevolutionPublished on 01 March 2019

Pain Revolution is fuelled by our mission that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain.

But, there are people in pain all over the world, and many health professionals globally that want to get involved in our Rural Outreach Tour.

We have had international riders join us every year. Chris Caldwell from Montana, USA and Luke Bongiorno from New York, USA joined the tour in 2017, plus Janet Keet from South Africa came with us 2018. In 2019, we have Denis Dempsey from California joining the team, and now we have a "virtual" rider coming along with us too!

Welcoming Neil Pearson as an honorary "Pain Revolutionary

Neil on bike

Neil Pearson is a physiotherapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

He's also a keen cyclist and runner, getting plenty of leg-burning hill workouts around his home in the Okanagan Valley in BC.

Neil has been explaining pain to people living in pain and to health professionals for over 20 years and is the founding chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division. Neil is also a yoga therapist, integrating the evidence and practices of pain education, mindfulness, movement and yoga. Through his Pain Care Yoga certificate training program, he has trained over 2000 health practitioners since 2008.

Neil's work has broadened to consulting with government programs and health care networks to build programs to educate health professionals on pain, the lived experience of pain and pain care, and to create programs to bring this education to remote locations.

It's no wonder that Neil is interested in our Rural Outreach Tour!

Rather than ride the tour this year, Neil has paired up with one of our Tasmanian riders, Sinan Tejani, to support Sinan's ride from afar. Neil has donated a hefty chunk of change to the Tour this year, and he'll be cheering us on throughout our 700km tour.

Neil says "I am supporting Pain Revolution in part because it is innovative - the changes that are needed in the pain care world require letting go of the way we typically educate health professionals and people in pain."

He continues "To me, Pain Revolution addresses two of the most difficult issues of pain care. The first is the need to build capacity in health professionals by increasing knowledge translation and shifting clinical practices and the second is the need to increase access to evidence-based pain care."

Teaming up with Sinan Tejani

Sinan Tejani is a physiotherapist who has been working in Burnie, in the north-west region of Tasmania for the past 3 years. He was initially interested in sports physiotherapy, but working in a regional town has dramatically shifted his focus in understanding and treating persisting pain, and serving the community that he works in.


Sinan knows the challenges of persisting pain only too well. After injuring his neck at the gym, Sinan spent a year on the passive treatment roundabout where he became far more sedentary and "careful" about his neck.

His pain didn't change until he learnt a lot more about pain, and how stress, overwork and a sedentary lifestyle all contributed to his symptoms. Sinan has fully recovered from that ongoing pain, and he's gearing up to ride 700 kilometres to help teach other Tasmanians the same kind of information that was critical in his recovery. Sinan has also been selected to receive a scholarship and become a Local Pain Educator in Burnie, where he'll lead community outreach initiatives to lessen the burden of persisting pain in his local area.

Sharing the View from the Road

Neil's hope is that his partnership with Sinan will help to build awareness in his community in Canada about innovative ways that communities can change the burden of persisting pain.

Neil says "I really hope that my contacts and networks will donate some money to Sinan and Pain Revolution and support their world-leading program development, because projects like this getting traction and setting precedents for what is possible in community care models make it easier for everyone to get the resources needed to make changes in our home communities."

Neil and Lisa workshop

The message of Pain Revolution is a message of hope for people that they will be able to move and live with more ease, and one that Neil has been committed to for many years. Neil and Sinan are united in this vision, and for all the pedalling that Sinan is doing, Neil will be cheering him on.

Look out for Sinan's blogs and video interviews during the tour (starting on the 16th March) and a final wrap-up video call in Hobart where Sinan will share with Neil his stories of what happened out on the ride.

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Guest AuthorMarch 01 2019

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