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Nowra, we're coming to you!

Taking the long (painful) road from Wollongong to Nowra

After our first events in Wollongong, we're heading to Nowra to do it all again on the 12th April. It's only 58 kilometres along the road, no hills, along the coast... should be an easy day, right?

One of the things we promised the Pain Revolution riders is they would be challenged, and they would see some of the prettiest parts of NSW. Neither of those things would happen if we stayed on the coast, so for this second day of riding, we take a 155km detour to Robertson, Fitzroy Falls and Kangaroo Valley, before coming back to the coast for two evening events in Nowra.

We're hoping that the riders appreciate the local sights like Robertson's Big Potato (which hopefully no buyers have been found for this recently-listed oversized garden ornament that doesn't look much like a potato at all!) and fingers crossed we have time for a stop and a look at Fitzroy Falls before the decent in to Kangaroo Valley.

Brain Bus in Nowra

While the riders take the long road, Dr Tasha and the Brain Bus will speed ahead to Nowra to set up in the CBD, on Junction St not far from the NAB. The Brain Bus will be open from 12-3pm, and the team of experts will be on hand to talk to passers-by about pain, the brain and some of the surprising science that helps people in pain to understand what they're feeling when things hurt.

Public Seminar

We'll be starting our public education seminar at Bombaderry Bowling Club, starting at 5pm. Come along and learn about the "Seven Amazing Science Discoveries that Might Change your Life" and how they help people understand pain, and get back to living well again. We've only got room for about 1.5% of the people in the Nowra that have persisting pain (based on the statistic that 1 in 5 people in Australia have pain), make sure one of the people who "knows pain". Book your ticket HERE

Come along early, and talk to the experts at the Help Desk. We'll have health professionals of all persuasions there to help make pain science personal to you, and answer your burning questions. Doors open at 4pm, don't be shy in poking your head in early to have a chat.

Professional Seminar

We're looking forward to seeing the Shoalhaven health professionals and community care workers at the Bomaderry Bowling Club from 7pm for a discussion about what the research tells us about evidence-based pain care, and what skills you can learn and develop to be on the frontline of modern pain education. Don't miss your spot, sign up for your free ticket HERE

We'll have the Protectormeter set up at the back of the room, where you can make a donation and check you've really understood the target concepts in the talk. All of the fundraising proceeds will go to the establishment of the Local Pain Educator network.

A massive thank you as always to the sponsors that make Pain Revolution possible. A big high five to our local hero Rowena Fields for her help getting the events set up on the ground, and spreading the word locally. The help and support we've received from all our supporters enables us to get out on the road and tackle the problem of pain at a community level. We can't thank you enough.

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