Get Your Own Pain Revolution Cycling Kit

Like our polka dots? You've got good taste! Get in quick (before Feb 28th) and buy your own gear to support our tour in Tasmania.

Guest Author - Pain RevolutionPublished on 12 February 2019

You might have noticed our riders wear some pretty flashy gear!

Pink and Yellow on black helps them stand out from the pack, so we understand you'd want that too!

You can get your hands on our high-quality Seight cycling gear with a simple online ordering system.

All you need to do it visit and use the password: painrevolutionsupporter

Put your order in, and our polka dot kit will be headed your way.


The website specifies cut-off dates for your orders, the most current is 28 February. Once 28th Feb is past, they'll add the next close off date at 31 March.

We know we have an amazing supportive community out there, that's committed to what we're doing in rural and regional Australia. So, we've added a small "donation" to the price of the kit, so you can help us to buy next year's ride kit. We couldn't do what we do without your support.

If you order some kit, and you're looking flashy in it, we'd love you to post a pic on social media and tag us in it, so we can share how far the Pain Revolution Polka Dots are reaching!


Guest AuthorFebruary 12 2019

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