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Announcing Fundraising for Pain Revolution 2018

Support our riders launching the Local Pain Educator Network

The Pain Revolution riders have a few big tasks ahead of them before we ride out of Sydney in April next year. There’s the early mornings grinding out training kilometres, the challenge of the ride itself, and the kilometers to be covered day after day. As well as the physical challenge, we have set them the task of raising funds to support the Local Pain Educator network.

We're raising funds to implement this community-based solution to the problem of persisting pain in rural and regional areas of Australia. We don't need to ride for awareness of the problem, or for more research. We know there's a big problem, and we've done the research that shows us what to do. We're riding to put ourselves through some pain, while we get our supporters to see our vision for how we can make a difference to this huge problem.

The problem is here right now, and it's a problem that means that people don't go to work, can't play with their children, and don't think it's possible for their lives to improve. It's hard knowing that things can be different, and not having the reach to help them. Many of those people have tried and failed various treatments, or not been able to access treatment at all. The gap between what we know about pain in the research lab, and the experiences people have with getting help mean that the time for action is now.

The riders have all paid good money to come on this journey, and to support the program. They bring with them their friends and family, and their community. They bring their community support to other communities that need it. We form a tight peleton out there on the road, and we're likewise a close formation of minds and hearts riding to communities that can use a helping hand to get well again.

The riders each have an Everyday Hero page where you can read their stories and support their ride and training. Training for a bike ride can seem easier than asking for money, so we know the riders will appreciate your contributions to this event.

We can also accept larger direct donations from individuals and businesses through out UniSA charity. If you’d like to donate in this way, please email 

Australian Physiotherapy Association
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