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Canberra's Pain Revolution Riding High

Pain Revolution goes full steam ahead (while the riders have a rest)

In Canberra we had all aspects of the Pain Revolution in motion. The Brain Bus braved a blustery day to talk to the public in Grimer Place, we hosted a full house at the Canberra Labour Club in Belconnen for a panel discussion on the future of pain treatment and a public education event, and our first cohort of Local Pain Educators got together with their mentors that will be supporting the establishment of community-based pain care all over Australia.


The riders also took a relaxing active recovery ride taking in the Canberra sights, and a leisurely coffee shop stop. Canberra physiotherapist, and Pain Revolution rider, James Olsen joins us for today's blog about the power of community.

Coming Home

As we rolled into Canberra last night, my heart lifted. It sure is great to be home. For me home is the warmth of a hug from my wife, a dance with my 3 year old and a book and snuggle with my 18 month old. It's also the 'city hidden inside of a park' feeling that only Canberra has, the coffee from my favourite cafe Lava, the feeling of driving around a roundabout. I'm not ashamed to say it... I love Canberra!

The thing I am happiest about though is that I finally got a good night sleep. You would think that riding from Sydney, Wollongong, Nowra, Bungendore would make you sleep well right? Well no! Because for me to get a good night sleep I need my wife beside me, the idiot students next door to play what they call music and my 3-year-old yelling out to Daddy because she dropped her favourite stuffed bunny out of the bed. I had the best sleep of my life here at home last night.

Just like my sleep is better at home, we know that pain is best treated in your community. Why? Because you are surrounded by SIMs at home! Don't travel to Sydney or Melbourne to get better! Find a local pain educator and re-engage in your community. If like me you're in Canberra, have a little chuckle as you drive past the phallic shaped owl statue on Belco way. You might be surprised at what that does to your nervous system.

James is a Canberra based physio working at Active Recovery. Come in, say G’Day and laugh at how he is walking after a week on the bike!

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