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Fun and Funds in Canberra

James Olsen's trivia night was no trivial efforts in supporting our fundraising goals.

Thanks James Olsen for sharing this story

Are you the sort of person who is up to date on all the trivia about the Kardashians? If so, you would have hated James Olsen and Active Recovery’s Pain Revolution Trivia fundraiser night at the Canberra Southern Cross Club last night, because there were absolutely no questions about the Kardashians…..and rightly so!

240 of our closest friends, colleagues and family (all honorary revolutionaries) had a ball answering questions and filling in the blanks of a map of the small towns the 2018 Pain Revolution is visiting. The fact that one table decided to name themselves “James Olsen is a ball tamperer” was forgiven because these amazing people raised $3309.00 to help regional Australians and communities in pain, re-think, reengage and recover! We’ll even forgive the people who didn’t know that “pain is 100% of the time produced by the brain” (don’t forget it is normal, always real and personal!)

The night opened with a screening of the 2017 Pain Revolution Ride to give the honorary revolutionaries a taste of why they were there. Then, it was down to business. In a desperate ploy by the volunteers from Active Recovery to level the playing field, the final question was reminiscent of high school Phys. Ed class where the last try/goal/basket wins. A multi-guess final questions worth over a third of the total points, resulted in 2 teams sharing first prize.

During the night, other fun activities including throwing coins at prizes including a defenceless giant Easter bunny and some bottles of “lemonade” made for some memorable moments. Lastly, amazing prizes were handed out to lucky raffle winners, including Book of Mormon theatre tickets, a beautiful framed picture of Canberra at sunset, bike shop vouchers, road and mountain bike tyres, soft shell hoodies, beanies and more bottles of lemonade. A big thank you to our sponsors for the evening, Active Recovery, the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Kerrianne Abbott Psychological Services, Salter Associates, Mitas Cycling, Thredbo, Perisher, Straightline Ski and Scuba, Belconnen Ski'n'Board and Jennifer Pinkerton Photography.

Now all that’s left is for me to pedal from Sydney to Albury. A big thank you to everyone who came along, donated prizes and sponsored me online!

For those that said they would turn up but didn’t (I know who you are!!!)

You can sponsor me here

Viva la revolution!

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