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Announcing our 2018 Local Pain Educators

If you look at our website, you'll see a lot of fit cyclists in flashy lycra, riding great distances in the name of a Pain Revolution. You might also wonder how a bike ride can make a difference to this big problem of persisting pain?

Our Pain Revolution riders are fundraising and helping to launch our Local Pain Educator Network in rural Australia. With help and support from Body in Mind, NOI, UniSA plus our many industry and research partners, the Local Pain Educators will be equipped to educate their communities on best practices in biopsychosocial care for pain.

We had hundreds of enquiries and narrowed our applicants down from over 50 people to these ten outstanding health professionals. These are the trailblazers for the LPE network in rural and regional NSW.

Amanda Simister (Illawarra region)

Nicola Marshall (Illawarra region)

Carla Zijlstra (Snowy Mountains region)

Gretta Walsh (Snowy Mountains region)

Dr Jonathan Ho (Murrumbidgee region)

Karen Coe (Murrumbidgee region)

Dr Jennifer Smith (Murrumbidgee region)

Bernadette Hurley (Murray Region)

Dr Esther Langenegger (Murray Region)

Daniel Searle (Murray Region)

We were impressed by the high calibre of the applications we received and heartened to see how many great people are committed to a healthy rural Australia. We have selected a multidisciplinary team of LPE's representing medicine, physiotherapy, psychology and occupational therapy, and the breadth of their experience will add much to the impact we can make on this problem.

"These are our first bunch of LPEs, embarking on what we hope is a great adventure, and will also bring positive change to the communities they serve. The problem of persisting pain is large, it is not for the faint-hearted and it is no trivial commitment. The Pain Revolution team are all inspired by their willingness to tackle this problem head-on, and we'll be working together and learning as we go to get this right" Professor Lorimer Moseley

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