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AIA Australia Sponsors Pain Revolution

Proudly Announcing our 2018 Platinum Sponsor

Lorimer Moseley AIA Stephanie Phillips

We’re proud to announce @AIAAustralia as the platinum sponsor for Pain Revolution 2018. With AIA’s generous support, we’re reaching five NSW communities on our Pain Revolution Ride, leaving Sydney on April 11th, 2018.

In AIA, we have found a sponsor that understands the challenges ahead of us to make a change to the lives of people and communities living with persisting pain. Through their AIA Vitality program and their industry-leading approaches to life and disability insurance, AIA shows their commitment to the lives of the people that they protect. When AIA say "we're for life", they show how much they mean it by supporting projects such as Pain Revolution.

AIA is no stranger to the problem of chronic pain. It accounts for a significant proportion of the claims they receive for disability and income protection. They hear the same stories we hear about how pain changes lives, and the challenges of treating it.

AIA have joined forces with Pain Revolution to launch and grow the Local Pain Educator network. They have made it possible for us to get on our bikes and get on the road. With their help, we’re talking with people in pain, learning from them and their communities about how we work together to change pain, and teaching what we know from the labs that helps people in pain to recover.

Pictured: Pain Revolution’s Professor Lorimer Moseley and AIA Australia’s Chief Group Insurance Officer Stephanie Phillips

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