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About Pain Revolution

Pain Revolution is a movement charged with changing how people understand pain in rural and regional communities in Australia.

We're providing support to local health professionals to become pain experts and spread the word in their community, and we'll mentor and support them to do that.

Chronic pain is a huge burden that we can do something about, we know enough now about recovery and we can do something about it if we flip the way we think about and understand pain with a whole of community approach.

About us

Pain Revolution is a people powered movement, striving to change how we care for people in pain.

We believe that this will be most successful if we do it together! Pain Revolution is a vision driven collaboration of researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience and peak bodies.

We aim to inspire and enable each other and communities to make sustainable, positive change. As a collective, we strive for excellence and promote transparency, honesty and accountability in everything we do.

Pain Revolution respects diversity of stories and all the parties who comprise the pain care system.

Our vision

That all Australians have the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain.

Our values

Empowerment: Inspire and enable people and communities to make sustainable, positive change

Integrity: Strive for excellence and promote transparency, honesty and accountability in everything that we do

Cohesion: Foster unity in our vision, purpose and strategy

Respect: Honour all people, their stories, beliefs and skills

Meet the team

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Lorimer Moseley AO

Chief Executive Officer

Lorimer is a pain scientist, clinician & educator. He has written 350 scientific articles and five books. He has received numerous international prizes for his contributions to pain science, management and education. He lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Sue Caldicott

General Manager

Sue is a qualified business manager with experience across a diverse range of industries. Her recent roles have been managing psychology and physiotherapy clinics. She is particularly interested in helping small organisations grow and have a greater social impact.

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Tracy Jones

Tour Logistics Manager

Tracy comes from a strong business administration and logistics background. When she is not coordinating the many moving parts of the Rural Outreach Tour, she looks after the needs of a growing team of pain researchers at University of South Australia.

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Abbie Norrish

Collective Project Coordinator

Abbie is a physiotherapist who joined Pain Revolution in 2018 as the first Local Pain Educator from WA. Abbie has a passion for bringing together like-minded health professionals in rural communities to drive the conversation around best practice pain care.

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Maddy Thorpe

Education and Communications Coordinator

Maddy loves to teach, and coached martial arts for many years. Her passion for design developed during her experience with brain cancer, which she is currently battling and winning! Maddy works with several health advocacy non-profits. She is also an osteopath with an interest in pain, neurological conditions, and innovative care.

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Tanushka Alva

LPE Regional Project Officer

Tanushka is a physiotherapist working in Launceston, Tasmania. Tanushka joined Pain Revolution in 2019 as a Local Pain Educator. She is passionate about helping people understand more about why they hurt and working with them to get back activities that are meaningful to them.

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Carolyn Berryman

Education Committee Chair

Carolyn is an experienced physiotherapist who is currently investigating the contribution of brain plasticity to persistent pain. Enthusiastic to facilitate learning about pain sciences, Carolyn has taught clinically and in classrooms at the University of South Australia for three decades.

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Steve Kamper

Evaluation Committee Chair

Steve Kamper is a research fellow at the University of Sydney with a professional background in physiotherapy. Steve's interests include the epidemiology and consequences of pain, patient expectations, and teaching people to become more informed users of scientific research.

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Seanna Davidson

Lived Experience Community Coordinator

Seanna is a facilitator and process designer focused on creating meaningful experiences for folks to learn together. She has hosted several communities of practice across themes including water, facilitation, systems thinking and now persistent pain. Seanna is trained as a human geographer, and has been working in system thinking in Australia for 5 years.

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Mary O'Keefe

Communications Committee Chair

Mary is a pain scientist; whose current work focuses on the role of media in and influence on healthcare. She is passionate about public engagement and communicating evidence-based information about pain through conventional and social media.

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Sinan Tejani

Policy & Advocacy Committee Chair, LE Community Facilitator

Sinan is a physiotherapist who has worked across private practice, aged care and the hospital system. He is interested in advocating for large scale systemic changes to empower people to better understand and manage the complexities of persistent pain.

LPE Mentors

This group of experts provide one-on-one support to LPEs in training, assisting with consolidating what they are learning and translating it into practice in their communities.

  • Bernie Smith
  • Carolyn Berryman
  • Chris Williams
  • Edwinna Shannon
  • Emma Karran
  • John Baranoff
  • John Booth
  • Karin Jones
  • Martina Egan-Moog
  • Matt Forster
  • Meredith Craigie
  • Pene Wood
  • Peter Roberts
  • Ruth Hardman
  • Tasha Stanton
  • Tim Bass
  • Tim Cocks

Education Committee

Education Committee looks after development of educational resources and learning outomes across all Pain Revolution activities.

  • Carolyn Berryman (Chair)
  • Dianne Wilson
  • Daniel Harvie
  • Kylie Perry
  • Margaret Knight
  • Maddy Thorpe

Communication Committee

To compliment our community-based work, these guys look after communicating our messages and work to the boarder community.

  • Mary O'Keefe (Chair)
  • Maddy Thorpe
  • Scott Rowbotham
  • Leah Dwyer

Evaluation Committee

Pain Revolution is steeped in evidence based action and a key part of this is evaluation of our activities by the Evaluation Committee

  • Steve Kamper (Chair)
  • Emma Karran
  • Anne Grunseit
  • John Toumbourou
  • Erica Wilkinson

Tour Organising Committee

This committee looks after the many moving parts of the annual Rural Outreach Tour, from community engagement, event organising to rider safety.

  • Tracy Jones (Chair)
  • Steve Cunningham
  • Trevor Barker
  • Di Wilson
  • Kal Fried

Past Revolutionaries

These are former revolutionaries who have made significant contributions to Pain Revolution and its progress as an organisation

  • David Butler (Former Revolutionary)
  • Angie Clerc-Hawke (Former GM)
  • Amanda Simister (Former LPE Network Manager)
  • Lincoln Tracy (Former Comms Committee)

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