• Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour 2019

    We're taking over Tasmania for a 700km cycle tour between Devonport and Hobart, 16-23 March, 2019.










    We'll be linking up with our Local Pain Educators throughout Tasmania as we make our pedal-powered journey from Devonport to Hobart.


    We'll be conducting educational events in Devonport, Burnie, Smithton, Launceston, Hobart and Huonville.


    Along the way, we'll see some of Australia's iconic wilderness areas, including Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

  • 2019 Tour Riders

    The Rural Outreach Tour riders have committed to raising over $3000 EACH

    to support the Local Pain Educator Program in 2020.

    Tim Andrewartha Pain Revolution

    Tim Andrewartha

    General Practitioner, TAS

    I am a GP registrar currently working in Smithton, Tasmania. I’ve found it astonishing how many people live with persistent pain and it is heart-sinking to observe the functional and social consequences it can lead to. It's very hard to access specialised pain management services, and patients with persistent pain very quickly lose hope. I'm looking forward to empowering rural health care professionals with a new evidence-based approach to managing persisting pain. Touring my home state of Tasmania on a bike is also a superb bonus!



    Jack Behne Pain Revolution

    Jack Behne

    Physiotherapist, VIC

    I am a physiotherapist working in persistent pain rehabilitation. Pain can be a complex and scary experience, yet a vital protective response, essential for survival. My passion is for helping people understand the nature and purpose of pain, hopefully teaching them to think a little differently, move a bit more confidently, and feel a lot better.







    Fran Black Pain Revolution

    Fran Black

    Physiotherapist, TAS

    I am a hand physiotherapist at the Royal Hobart Hospital. I work with people in pain from injury every day, and my aim is to prevent this pain from becoming a problem. I participated in the inaugural Pain Revolution ride from Melbourne to Adelaide and that has transformed the way I think and talk about pain. Educating people about their pain is the key to helping them move forward and recover. With the Pain Revolution coming to Tasmania, I am so pleased to have the ​opportunity to help bring the Revolution home, and combine my love of cycling in this beautiful state with helping to bring the key messages to our rural communities.

    Jane Cannan Pain Revolution

    Jane Cannan

    Physiotherapist, QLD


    I’m a physiotherapist working in Brisbane helping women’s health and musculoskeletal patients. I love challenging myself physically and know how lucky I am to be able to so. My passion is in helping coach people back to fear free movement and learn confidence in their bodies. I believe education plays a crucial role in solving persistent pain and am so excited to join this Pain Revolution.






    Denis Dempsey Pain Revolution

    Denis Dempsey

    Physiotherapist, CA USA

    After practicing physical therapy (physiotherapy) for 36 years, I realized that the challenge of persistent ongoing pain i.e chronic pain is a subject in our profession that has not been tackled well. This issue has excited me more than anything to take on this challenge via a different approach. I believe that in our profession we are in the best situation to educate and liberate people from ongoing persistent pain. That is why I have joined forces with the Pain Revolution team to better help in this journey.





    Ben De Riter Pain Revolution

    Ben De Riter

    Teacher/ Physio Student, VIC

    I’m a Teacher and Physiotherapy student who is lucky enough to consider myself a former persistent pain sufferer! Following some nasty sporting injuries in my teenage years I fell down the dark rabbit hole that many currently are struggling to find their way out of.

    Persistent pain is a challenge that can’t easily be fixed, but thanks to some amazing researchers our new understanding of pain brings new hope. I believe that my story and this pain revolution can bring great value to those in pain. And the best part! I'm also an avid cyclist, so naturally the chance to combine my two passions on Pain Revolution was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

    Isa Dreyer Pain Revolution

    Isa Dreyer

    Physiotherapist, TAS

    I am a physiotherapist working with persistent pain patients in the big smoke of Hobart. I am very excited to be part of the pain revolution to build networks, interact, inform and support my fellow Tasmanians in the smaller towns of our beautiful state. And what a pleasure (as well as inevitable pain on the long uphills) to be able to combine this with my life long passion of riding!








    Matt Forster Pain Revolution

    Matt Forster

    Physiotherapist, QLD

    I have been involved with the Pain Revolution since the first tour in 2017, and I am excited to be apart of the third Pain Revolution tour in Tassie in 2019.


    I'm inspired by the people that I work with ​​everyday with persistent pain to get on my bike and get the message of evidence based treatment for pain out of the lab and in to the community. I have seen first hand the benefits of quality pain education and rehabilitation and how this can improve the physical, social and psychological outcomes for patients with persistent pain. There's much work to be done and I'm here to keep spreading that message by pedal power.

    Nathan Green Pain Revolution

    Nathan Green

    Exercise Physiologist, QLD

    I've been working with people living with persistent pain for more than 20 years, and getting them moving again. After working in many different settings, I linked up with life-insurer AIA, and I now work for them as a rehabilitation consultant. Although I have worked in rehab for over 20 years, I am still surprised by how many people are touched by persisting pain, and how it affects their lives. I am happy to get on my bike to get the message of explaining pain out of the clinic and in to the broader Australian community.





    Karin Jones Pain Revolution

    Karin Jones

    Anaesthetist, VIC

    I'm a pain specialist and anaesthetist. I love talking about pain and hanging out with like-minded folk. I grew up in a country town and shamelessly treat my patients from the bush as VIPs as they really don't get access to the sorts of health services we have in the city. This is my second year riding on the Rural Outreach Tour. My particular interest in pain is in pelvic pain and women's health as this is a complex problem, poorly serviced and impacts the lives of women during their formative teenage years and beyond.




    Peter Gilchrist Pain Revolution

    Peter Gilchrist

    General Practitioner/ Anaesthetist, SA

    I'm a passionate rural GP Anaesthetist and keen social cyclist. I've been working in rural SA for many years and chronic pain is a prominent feature of my everyday practice. Additionally, as an anaesthetist, I am often also called upon by colleagues to provide advice for the treatment of people with chronic pain. Its a privilege to be involved with the Pain Revolution and combine two areas of my life that get me out of bed every morning. I’m really looking forward to the ride and also in participating in the educational sessions.




    Emma Karran Pain Revolution

    Emma Karran

    Researcher, SA

    I’m a Physiotherapist-turned-researcher who completed my PhD with the legendary Prof. (“Loz”) Moseley early in 2018, and continue to work as a Research Fellow at UniSA. The massive individual and societal burden of pain warrants investment of attention and effort – both of which are key to what Pain Revolution is all about. From my involvement with Pain Revolution from the outset I have seen this event impact knowledge, understanding and empowerment of individuals, clinicians and communities. It is a privilege to again be taking part in something that offers huge personal challenge & fulfillment – but also has the potential to be transformative for so many.

    Joanne King Pain Revolution

    Joanne King

    Psychologist, VIC

    As a clinical neuropsychologist and nutritionist, with a history of working in community and subacute neurorehabilitation, I have developed a strong interest in the brain’s involvement in persistent pain. Working with people who have experienced long term persistent pain, to improve their overall wellbeing and teach them the skills to get back to enjoying life, has been incredibly rewarding. With confusing messages in the diverse application of pain management in our health community, I’m very excited to be riding with the Pain Revolution 2019 and contributing towards pain education for our rural communities.


    Glenn King Pain Revolution

    Glenn King

    Researcher, QLD

    Venomous animals and pain might seem like an unlikely alliance. But my research team uses animal venoms to understand how humans sense pain, and to develop better, safer painkillers. I’m passionate about helping people with chronic pain, which is why I joined the 2018 Pain Revolution bike ride. Together we can make a difference!








    Melanie Macoune Pain Revolution

    Melanie Macoun

    Physiotherapist, ACT

    I am a physiotherapist working in private practice in Canberra and I also do casual work as a musculo-skeletal Clinical Educator for Physiotherapy students at the Uni of Canberra. I love educating others; I can give students the power to be better physios, and patients the skills and knowledge to better their lives. My greatest passion is in helping people with persistent pain complaints. The marvelous discoveries of the brain in pain have unlocked many amazing strategies for us to re-conceptualise pain experiences and make incredible steps forward for people in their pain and function.



    Shaun Meehan Pain Revolution

    Shaun Meehan

    Gallagher Bassett General Manager, SA

    Having worked in the personal injury industry for the past 20 years (the past 15 years at Gallagher Bassett), it is very evident to me that persistent pain has significant impacts on individuals, as well as our broader society. Many of the injured workers we help to remain in, or return to work, endure persistent pain, which obviously has impacts on their lives and those of their families.







    Lorimer Moseley Pain Revolution

    Lorimer Moseley

    University of South Australia, SA

    In 20 years of pain research - of experiments, clinical trials and implementation projects, Pain Revolution is the most exciting project I have been involved in. Our Local Pain Educator (LPE) Program is already changing lives. The enthusiasm, generosity, collaborative intent and support of communities, clinicians, scientists, advocacy groups and industry rumbles me deep in my belly. Pain Revolution is exhilarating and transformative. I am riding the 2019 Pain Revolution Tour because I am convinced that what we are doing is Truly Excellent and it really is part of the solution to this massive problem of persistent pain.

    Luke Postlethwaite Pain Revolution

    Luke Postlethwaite

    Physiotherapist, VIC

    Luke is based in Melbourne, and is the upholder of The Biomechanics and The Knowledge Exchange’s collective vision to change the experience Australians have with the healthcare system, particularly when it comes to pain and disability.









    Sophie Stewart Pain Revolution

    Sophie Stewart

    Physiotherapist, QLD

    I am a passionate physiotherapist in Queensland, striving to empower all those who suffering from persistent pain with the knowledge to help them initiate their recovery journey and take their life back.






    Bernadette Smith Pain Revolution

    Bernadette Smith

    Psychologist, TAS

    As a psychologist who works with chronic pain clients, I’m mindful that we ask our patients to get out of their comfort zones. I too will be out of my comfort zone on this ride. I'll be riding further than I have previously to spread the message about understanding pain, and how better understanding can make a real difference to the lives of people living with persisting pain.



    Sinan Tejani Pain Revolution

    Sinan Tejani

    Physiotherapist, TAS

    I am physiotherapist working in private practise in Burnie, Tasmania. Most of my patients have persistent pain. I have heard their stories of being frustrated by low-value care, the challenges of living with pain and the impact on their lives. The complexity of pain is poorly understood and I am passionate about changing that. I want to help my patients in my community on the north-west coast of Tasmania and this is why I have decided to be a part of the Pain Revolution ride in 2019.

    Brenton Watson Pain Revolution

    Brenton Watson

    Exercise Physiologist, TAS

    I’m an Exercise Physiologist based in Hobart. I regularly see patients suffering from persistent pain, particularly in rural areas, and I see firsthand the burden that long-term pain can have on people’s lives. I know the Pain Revolution will make a huge difference in the Tasmanian community. I’m eager to put myself through some pain on this ride to support the cause, and hopefully learn a thing or two myself along the way!






    Taylor Wilczynski Pain Revolution

    Taylor Wilczynski

    Exercise Physiologist, TAS

    I am a Tassie local who grew up in Devonport on the beautiful North West Coast. During ten years as an elite rower I had my own experience with persistent low back pain. Using contemporary pain science, I was able to return to representing Australia overseas. After being forced to retire from elite sport due to another injury, I undertook further study to become an Exercise Physiologist so I can help people along their own pain journey. I have a lot of respect for what Pain Revolution is doing and the amazing people who are involved. I am honoured to be included in the ride.




    Pene Wood Pain Revolution

    Pene Wood

    Pharmacist, VIC

    I am a pharmacist living and working in Geelong. I have worked for 15+ years as an accredited community pharmacist, where I have seen firsthand the detrimental effects of chronic pain if it is not managed in a wholistic informed manner. I have seen medication usage, in particular opioids, spiral out of control, which led me to research the area as part of my PhD. I currently work with the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, creating educational resources for primary care around pain management, and lecturing up and coming pharmacy students at La Trobe University in Bendigo. I'm looking forward to spreading the #painrevolution message across Tasmania and into other rural areas.

    Phil Ladlow Pain Revolution

    Phil Ladlow

    Physiotherapist, TAS

  • The Ride Guide 2019

    March 16 - March 23rd 2019

    Draft Route Details

    We're currently finalising our route for 2019.

    There may be some small changes to this while we finish scouting out safe and scenic roads.


    Saturday 16th Devonport Welcome Dinner and Orientation
    Sunday 17th Devonport to Burnie 53km, 630vm
    Monday 18th Burnie to Cradle Mountain 103km, 1800vm
    Tuesday 19th Cradle Mountain to Mole Creek 77km, 1400vm
    Wednesday 20th Launceston to St Helens 161km, 2500vm
    Thursday 21st St Helens to Swansea 120km, 1000vm
    Friday 22nd Orford to Hobart 90km, 1400vm
    Saturday 23rd Return loop Hobart to Huonville 95km, 1800vm
    Finish celebration dinner in Hobart to conclude the event


  • Ride Details

    Applications now CLOSED for the 2019 ride. Join us in 2020!

    Ride Expectations

    The ride has a mix of abilities and experience, on the bike and professionally, making it a challenging and supportive environment in which to test yourself.


    With a total ride distance of 700km, and 10,000 vertical metres of climbing this tour takes in some of Australia's best scenery.


    There are two vehicle transfers along the way (Mole Creek to Launceston, and Swansea to Orford) so as to ensure we facilitate all outreach activities planned en route.


    The riding standard is such that enables the group to reach each destination well in time to relax and also represent the team at the various outreach events, and at the Brain Bus.


    If you consider yourself a bit of a 'weekend warrior' and love the idea of a spectacular week-long ride; if you have a passion for the bush, share our mission for decreasing the massive burden of persistent pain and you are looking for the next challenge, then Pain Revolution 2019 is for you.


    What's included:

    The entry fee gives you everything you need. It's jam-packed full of inclusions including; accommodation, meals, ride food, cool kit, attendance at outreach events, mechanical support, pre-event training advice from Steve, and full vehicle support on the road.


    2019 Investment: $1250 (TBC)

    What we expect from you:
    Riders are committed to raising a minimum of $3,000 through friends, family, social and business networks.


    All funds raised will go directly to supporting the Pain Revolution Local Pain Educator Program. All riders are provided with support and an Everyday Hero account to raise the much-needed funds.


    During the ride, we expect your attendance at Outreach Events, and there will be some opportunities for participation in the public and professional education programs which will be offered to the ride team after selections are finalised.


    Dates and Selection

    We're opening expressions of interest for the ride on Monday 3rd September, and closing applications on Friday 21st, 2018.


    Click on the button below which will take you to the form to fill out with your professional and cycling experience, and sell yourself to our tough crowd of judges that will review the applications.


    We're aiming to have the team of 25 riders finalised (with some reserves waiting in the wings) by early November 2018, when training will begin under the careful eye of Ride Boss, Steve Cunningham.


    The 2019 ride lines up with two professional development events that riders might be interested in attending (at their own cost and accommodation)

    • The Tasmanian State Symposium of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Devonport, Saturday 16th March.
    • Annual meeting of the National Rural Health Alliance, Hobart, Sunday 24th March.
  • Ride Team Applications have closed for 2019

    You missed out in 2019?

    Keep your eyes open for the 2020 ride (opens Sept 2019)

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