• 2018 Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Ride

    10 outreach events. 1000+ participants. 250 engaged users of the Brain Bus. 35 media interviews. 677 individual donors. Almost $80, 000 raised to support the first group of Local Pain Educators get active in their communities.

    Captain Cunningham's Epic Adventure

    In 2018, the Pain Revolution ride covered over 750 kilometres, and 1.5 times Mt Everest in hill climbs.

    The riders trained hard over the 4 months prior to the ride to be ready to ride more than 100kms most days, and take in the best of NSW's scenery from Sydney's beaches to the Snowy Mountains.

    The View from the Road

    7 days of action, on and off the bike, packed in to a 2-minute video

    Katie and Corey from FXNL Media captured the ride and the educational events from the 2018 ride, from Sydney to Albury-Wodonga.

  • 2018 Riders

    This team of legends each raised over $3000 to support the Local Pain Educator Program.

    Jack Behne

    Physiotherapist, VIC

    I am a physiotherapist working in persistent pain rehabilitation. Pain can be a complex and scary experience, yet a vital protective response, essential for survival. My passion is for helping people understand the nature and purpose of pain, hopefully teaching them to think a little differently, move a bit more confidently, and feel a lot better.

    John Booth

    Exercise Physiologist, NSW

    I am an Exercise Physiologist and academic in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. In the clinic I work with people living with chronic musculoskeletal pain, and have done so for almost 20 years. This work has shown me the challenges that people face trying to access pain rehabilitation services. It's exciting to see pain services become available in regional areas. The Pain Revolution has the potential to develop clinician skills and resources in a way that will positively impact the lives of people with persisting pain.

    Emma Collins

    Physiotherapist, SA

    I have lots of reasons to participate in and support this great cause! I am a physio from Adelaide who has worked in Rehabilitation for many years. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, and have always had chronic pain as an adult. Although I thought I knew about pain, it was hard applying pain science to myself. My patients and I have benefitted so much from learning what we're teaching at Pain Revolution. I'm now armed with both the knowledge and the passion to take on the challenge of the 2018 Pain Revolution, which is something I never thought I would be able to do!

    Mark Collins

    Medical Doctor, SA

    I'm a health professional who has been involved with the management of patients with chronic pain for the last 20 years. It is an area I have always found interesting and challenging. I have loved the freedom of cycling since I was a kid, so I jumped at the chance to participate in Pain Revolution 2017. It was a truly memorable and inspirational experience and for this reason I'm coming back for the 2018 ride!

    Lance House

    Physiotherapist, TAS

    I'm a dad, a rider, a DIY fix-it-guy, oh and a pain-rehabilitation physiotherapist. Persisting pain is a challenge that can't be fixed easily. I need to help my patients understand more and I need our health systems to work together better!

    So I'm combining my skills with the awesome team at my original university - Uni of SA - to take the pain-rehab message to the bush, and to bring back more skills to help my folk at home.

    Karin Jones

    Anaesthetist, VIC

    I'm a pain specialist and anaesthetist. I love talking about pain and hanging out with like minded folk. I grew up in a country town and shamelessly treat my patients from the bush as VIPs as they really don't get access to the sorts of health services we have in the city. I would like to do something to address that. My particular interest in pain is in pelvic pain and women's health as this is a complex problem, poorly serviced and impacts the lives of women during their formative teenage years and beyond.

    Steve Kamper

    Pain Research, NSW

    I'm a pain researcher, and I see the huge gap that exists between the lab, and people's lives. Lots of people suffer from chronic pain, and there is a lot we don't know about why some people develop long term pain, and others don't. While there's still many gaps in the research, we can help many people by applying what we do already know about persisting pain. I'm sure there are better ways to distribute the knowledge and skills of researchers, clinicians, patients and communities so people in pain get a better deal. I want to help uncover those ways and make change happen, that's what the Pain Revolution is about for me.

    Janet Keet

    Physiotherapist, South Africa

    I'm a South African physiotherapist; passionate about cycling, dancing, and pain education. I am currently working at Groote Schuur (public) Hospital, Cape Town.

    I’m excited and inspired by the work from the University of South Australia and the Pain Revolution Education Campaign. My hope is to adapt this program to the South African third world context. Thus, to make a difference to South Africans - of ALL ages, levels of literacy, and origins, who are living with pain: To learn to DANCE BESIDE PAIN!

    Karen Lucas

    Myotherapist, VIC

    I'm a myotherapist who works with people with chronic pain who have 'slipped through the cracks' in the healthcare system or aren't 'bad enough' for the hospital-based pain programs. These people are essentially self- managing, and while they don't necessarily need more medical intervention, they do need good information and professional support. I believe those living in pain in rural Australia are lacking in the same opportunities for professional support and this is why I wanted to get involved with the Pain Revoltion Ride to help get resources to people in pain in the bush.

    Simon Macklin

    Anaesthetist, SA

    I am an anaesthetist mainly based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. I see many people living with the burden of persistent pain who present for surgery. The social burden of persistent pain is enormous, creating havoc and destroying the lives of those suffering. Rural and remote Australia suffers the tyranny of distance and its population endures the inadequacies of our metropolitan-centric healthcare delivery. The Pain Revolution's initiative to take education into "the bush" to provide support and education for those without easy access to services provided in major centres needs support.

    Penny Mather

    Physiotherapist, VIC

    As a young rural physiotherapist, I encounter clients suffering chronic and persistent pain on a daily basis. We know that education and assisting people to understand their pain is a key factor. By way of taking part in the Pain Revolution 2018, I aim to help other young clinicians tackle the topic of chronic pain and assist clients on their journey.

    Shaun Meehan

    Gallagher Bassett GM, SA

    Having worked in the personal injury industry for the past 19 years (the past 13 years at Gallagher Bassett), it is very evident to me that persistent pain has significant impacts on individuals, as well as our broader society. Many of the injured workers we help to remain in, or return to work, endure persistent pain, which obviously has impacts on their lives and those of their families.

    Lorimer Moseley

    University of South Australia

    When I got home from Pain Revolution 2017, I received over 1200 phone calls from rural Australians who had heard about a new way to approach persisting pain. I heard from a 16 year old lad whose mum had decided to have another attempt at getting off the sofa and this time, he reckoned, she is actually making progress. Pain Revolution 2017 was transformative for so many people, including me and the other riders, that we just had to do it again.

    Anita Ullman Pain Revolution

    Edel O'Hagan

    Pain Research, NSW

    I am an experienced clinical physiotherapist and early career researcher, having worked in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. I have been frustrated with the inaccurate information that is restricting people from doing things they love, such as riding their bikes. There is so much inaccurate information about pain, resulting in a culture of fear and disability. It does not need to be like this, and I would like to help get everyone back on their bikes (literally and figuratively) with better knowledge of pain.

    James Olsen

    Physiotherapist, ACT

    When he’s not having tea parties with his 2 little girls, playing drums slightly out of time, or falling off bikes, James loves changing the lives of people with persistent pain. James can’t wait to change lives on a bigger scale as part of the Pain Revolution. He's bringing along his “hilarious” stories about changing pain based on a jazz drum concert, paramedics and “poo pain” is an example of how pain is poorly related to tissue damage!” (he thinks he’s funny…jury is very much still out!)

    Yasmin Santoso

    Critical Care Nurse, VIC

    Hi, I'm a keen cyclist and critical care nurse. I'm very excited these two passions can come together and help raise funds and awareness for chronic pain. Looking forward to the ride and the challenges ahead.

    Bernadette Smith

    Psychologist, TAS

    As a psychologist who works with chronic pain clients, I’m mindful that we ask our patients to get out of their comfort zones. I too will be out of my comfort zone on this ride. I'll be riding further than I have previously to spread the message about understanding pain, and how better understanding can make a real difference to the lives of people living with persisting pain.

    Simon Summers

    Pain Research, NSW

    I'm a pain science research student, a passionate educator and an avid cyclist. I’m super excited to join the Pain Revolution ride to make a difference in the lives of people suffering with persistent pain. I'm getting on my bike because I am committed to making positive changes in the lives of people with persistent pain in Australian regional communities (where persistent pain hits the hardest).

    Anita Ullman Pain Revolution

    Mystery Rider #1


    We're waiting on some final approvals before we can tell you who fills this place. They're training hard, they're learning their target concepts and they're keen as mustard to get out in to rural NSW and share some good stories about pain and the road to recovery.

    Anita Ullman Pain Revolution

    Mystery Rider #2


    Before we're able to tell you about this superstar physiotherapist, we need to tick some bureaucratic boxes. Never fear, we'll reveal this peloton leader and all round fabulous returning rider as soon as we possibly can.

    Anita Ullman Pain Revolution

    Mystery Rider #3

    Exercise Physiologist

    Who's in this space? This rider is awesome in his own right, and also represents our platinum sponsor, AIA. We'll tell you all about him as soon as we can!

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