• Local Pain Educators

    The aim of the mentor program is to support Local Pain Educators in translating knowledge into practice, with a focus on supporting them with community education program delivery.
    The network provides a platform for peer-to-peer learning, knowledge and resource sharing.

  • 2018 Cohort

    Amanda Simister

    Illawarra Region

    Amanda works with people in persisting pain at the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital. She is an English-Australian physio with a passion for the sea and travel. She loves surfing with her boys and the challenges of ocean swimming. She's a nomad at heart, although Australia has been her home for 17 years now. She's excited to be part of the Pain Revolution team and to play a role in achieving better outcomes for Chronic Pain treatment.

    Nicola Marshall

    Illawarra Region

    Nicky is a physiotherapist working in the chronic pain service at Port Kembla Hospital. She trained in Birmingham in the UK and has worked in chronic pain services in both England and Australia. She has a love for travel and the outdoors and settled in Wollongong 11 years ago. She is committed to her continued journey to become a local pain educator and to be able to provide ongoing support and education to her local community.

    Carla Zijlstra

    Snowy Mountains Region

    Carla is a Physiotherapist working in Jindabyne, NSW. She spreads her work across inpatient and outpatient care, in both acute and rehabilitation settings. In all aspects of her work, she brings an awareness of the need to understand all aspects of a person in their recovery. Carla is originally from Holland, and studied Physiotherapy and Human Movement while competing as a speedskater. She has always been fascinated by the relationship between body and mind. She believes in the endless possibilities and resilience that people have to recover, and the importance of engaging creativity to challenge people's capabilities. Carla has immersed herself in the great outdoors since she's lived in Australia, and loves her rural lifestyle in the Snowy Mountains.

    Gretta Walsh

    Snowy Mountains Region

    Gretta has been working as an Occupational Therapist for Cooma Health Service for the last 10 years, working in both community mental health and adult rehabilitation. Gretta is a Cooma local; she grew up there and loves it so much, she doesn't want to leave! As an OT, she regularly sees the effect that pain can have on someone’s ability to participate in things they need and want to do. For her, it’s exciting to be part of the Pain Revolution, not only because it sounds good to say, but it will provide much needed resources for the wider community.

    Dr Jonathan Ho

    Murrumbidgee Region

    Jonathan is a general practitioner currently working in aboriginal health in Wagga Wagga. His experience working with this community has helped him to appreciate the interplay of pain and mental health, complexities of pain and trauma, and drug-seeking behaviour with chronic pain. He's committed to the provision of evidence-based pain care, in an empathetic and approachable way. In the course of his career, he's done pain research at Sydney University, and had an elite career at the NSW Institute of Sport. Now, he enjoys road cycling in Wagga Wagga.

    Abbie Norrish

    Margaret River, WA

    Abbie grew up in Mukinbudin, a small country town 3.5 hours North East of Perth, Western Australia. Abbie's passion for understanding pain started early, after three years of persisting pain following a sporting injury at age 15. This life lesson was a game changer in many ways for Abbie, but it starkly highlighted the impact pain education can have on a young girl in a rural community. Abbie went onto study Physiotherapy and graduated from The University of Notre Dame in Fremantle in 2014. Abbie then eagerly moved back to the country where she has continued to share her knowledge and stories on pain in rural communities with anyone who loves learning, has an open mind and of course a good sense of humour.

    Dr Jennifer Smith

    Murrumbidgee Region

    Jennifer is enthusiastic rural GP in Temora, NSW, with a focus on mental health and complex care. In addition to her medical training, Jennifer has studied cognitive behavioural therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, and uses them to help people move forward in the face of trauma and chronic pain. She sees the usefulness of therapeutic pain education, and is motivated to help her patients who are in an opioid dependence cycle. She is driven by witnessing the power that people have to survive and thrive through challenges, and is amazed by what people can do with help and hope. She also believes in the therapeutic value of a hug and a good cup of tea!

    Kylie Perry Local Pain Educator

    Kylie Perry

    Murrumbidgee Region

    Kylie is a physiotherapist in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Kylie grew up in the Riverina region and has made Wagga home again in the past 10 years after a stint studying and working in Sydney.

    Kylie enjoys participating in local community events, she loves being a Mum, squeezing in a run or a swim or catching up with friends and family for a cuppa when she can. Kylie works mainly in musculoskeletal physiotherapy with patients with acute and persistent pain. She has a continually growing interest and passion for pain science and is inspired by the life changing effects pain education can have for people living with persistent pain. Kylie is excited to be joining the Pain Revolution and looks forward to helping spread the word in her local community.

    Bernadette Hurley

    Murray Region

    Bernadette is a psychologist passionate about the application of psychological theory, including motivation and behaviour therapy to help people living with persisting pain. The human suffering that the experience of chronic pain brings, including withdrawal and isolation from community, inspired her passion to improve pain outcomes in my area. She grounds her therapeutic relationships on the principle of empowering people in their own recovery, with a good toolbox of information and strategies. Bernadette is an avid runner, having run a few ultra-marathons, which also sparked her interest in a better understanding of the individuality of the pain experience.

    Dr Esther Langenegger

    Murray Region

    Esther worked as a GP in Albury for many years. After completing a graduate diploma and fellowship in musculoskeletal medicine, she entered the chronic pain field as a manager and medical officer of a multidisciplinary pain management program based at Wodonga Hospital. She is passionate about providing evidence-based information and skills to people with chronic pain, to enable them to self-manage and reduce their pain and improve their quality of life. She is excited by the challenge of increasing her knowledge about pain, and implementing this in the clinic to help her patients move forward. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, walking, cycling and reading.

    Daniel Searle

    Murray Region

    Daniel grew up on a dairy farm in South Western NSW. He lost the majority of his vision at 16, but doesn't consider this disability a barrier to living well and pursuing his dreams.
    He moved to Albury in 2007 to study physiotherapy and has been working for over 3 years with Flexout Physiotherapy. He carries a mixed caseload of musculoskeletal, chronic pain, workplace rehab, sports and disability. Dan enjoys playing an active role in his local community and is passionate about staying active. He has played blind cricket for Australia, completed in the Duathlon World championships as well as the Oceania para-triathlon championship.

    Marnie Lowry Local Pain Educator

    Marnie Lowry

    Murray Region

    Marnie is an Occupational Therapist and Accredited Hand Therapist working in both the public and private sectors in Albury. She has worked in a number of regional areas before relocating to Albury in 2009 so her husband could return to farming. Marnie is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing in the local community using a holistic approach and advocates strongly for her patients to achieve the best functional outcomes. When Marnie is not working she enjoys running around with and after her 3 active children, coaching netball at a local football/netball club and spending time in the great outdoors.

    Brett Boyle Local Pain Educator

    Brett Boyle

    Wimmera Region

    Brett is a physiotherapist who works in a public hospital in the small town of Warracknabeal. Warracknabeal is located Victoria’s rural northwest and has a climate that takes some getting used to. He grew up just outside the small town of Beaudesert in SE Queensland prior to spending 5 years on the Gold Coast completing his studies at Griffith University. Brett is a big believer in education based treatment strategies in both acute and persistent pain management, which makes the LPE program exciting for him. Working in the area of persistent pain is very rewarding, and the people that he works with benefit from his high energy and positive personality. Brett hopes to bring his enthusiasm into the LPE program, and expand his pain knowledge so he can share it as far and as wide as he can in the future.

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